Lodestar CL2

OHL fault locator


Lodestar CL2 was designed especially for medium voltage utility overhead lines. It ensures 99% accuracy of detection of load currents from 2A. CL2 is provided with current and voltage unique measurement algorithms and outstanding fault detection capabilities. Three devices Lodestar CL2 located on different phases of the line perform synchronous vector measurements. Lodestar CL2 can be integrated into an existing SCADA or smart grid system and can operate in various communication environments. Pole-mounted communication equipment (Smartbox or Ligthbox) receives and manages all data and acts as a reciever for communcation environment. Lodestar CL2 benefits: • Can be used in networks with any types of neutral grounding; • Detects and indicates all types of faults: phase to phase, phase to ground, multiple phase faults, permanent and transient faults

Measurement and regulation equipment and instruments - electricity and other energy
  • faults detection
  • detection
  • phase to ground faults

Product features

Total indicating time >1000 hrs
Temperature -40°C to +85°C

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