Lodestar CL4

OHL fault locator


Lodestar CL4 was designed for fault detection with minimum load current 4A. This is a cost-effective and reliable solution for fixing an emergency process. Lodestar CL4 supports a range of communication options, including 3G or 4G LTE communications for a high speed data transfer. Lodestar CL4 devices operate independently of each other, transmitting information about the processes in each phase. Lodestar CL4 benefits: • Minimum fault sensing 4A; • Identifies temporary and permanent faults; • Registering and storing fault information such as timestamp, event type and measured values; • Battery status control and indication.

Measurement and regulation equipment and instruments - electricity and other energy
  • faults detection
  • detection
  • transmitting information

Product features

Total indicating time >1000 hrs
Temperature -40°C to +85°C

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