Lodestar FM

Feeder Monitors


Feeder monitors are solution for network parameters control and damaged section determination in overhead and underground lines. High-precision measurements and phasor measurements allow to monitor the power grid distribution network in real time. Fast fixation and localization of faults allows optimization of monitoring system and reducing blackout times. Lodestar FM is a universal device for registration and analysis of fault processes in a network of any topology and neutral type. It could be installed on the control board of relay compartment of a switchgear of any type on panels and control cabinets of relay equipment and on control boards of the substation. Lodestar FM benefits: • Locates Phase to Ground faults in networks with all types of neutral; • Events journal and waveform memory; • Uses standard CT/CV; • GPS time synchronisation; • Embedded backup battery; • Compact size.

Measurement and regulation equipment and instruments - electricity and other energy
  • network parameters control
  • fault processes analysis
  • Phase to Ground faults

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