Lodestar FM-CS

Feeder Monitors


Lodestar FM-CS is a universal device for registration and analysis of fault processes in a network of any topology and neutral type. Lodestar FM-CS can be used as a logger, fault current indicator, high-voltage control device. It could be installed on the control board of relay compartment of a switchgear of any type on panels and control cabinets of relay equipment and on control boards of the substation. The functionality of model Lodestar FM-CS is similar to model Lodestar FM, but it also has own easily mounted current sensors based on Rogowski coil that gives the following advantages: • Current transformer does not have unnecessary load; • It does not cause distortion when using a current transformer for measurements; • It is used in substations where regular current transformers are not planned, installed or required. Feeder Monitor Lodestar FM-CS monitors independently each input of switchgear cell with double cable input.

Measurement and regulation equipment and instruments - electricity and other energy
  • Current transformer
  • fault current indicator
  • indicator

Product features

Logging the line switching faults Yes
Selictivity Phase-to-ground and short-circuit faults direction finding
Minimum zero sequence current for phase-to-ground fault logging 0.5 А
Fault visual indication − LED-display; − LED-indication
Number of memorized faults 240
Fault indication reset - By an external command; - By the timer; - By the device button
Interface RS-485 MODBUS communication protocol Ethernet IEC104 communication protoco
Logging of - Voltage; - Current; - Power; - Industrial frequency
Measurement accuracy - Voltage: - when using capacitive dividers - 3%; - when using voltage transformer - 1%

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