Lodestar FM-CS2

Feeder Monitors


Minimum dimensions – maximum functionality. А Feeder Monitor Lodestar FM-CS2 can be used as a logger, fault current indicator, high-voltage control device. It is designed for switchgear cell with double cable output. Lodestar FM-CS2: Detects fault direction Effective in resonant grounded neutral grid Logs all types of emergency situation: - phase-to-phase faults; - phase -to-ground faults; - 2-or-3-phase -to-ground faults Operates in mixed networks: overhead, cable and overhead-cable ones High accuracy in measurement of current and voltage Up to 0.1 A short-circuit faults logging Immediate data processing in the Device Operates in double-ended and loop fed networks, as well as in radial networks Feeder Monitor Lodestar FM-CS2 displays a faulted phase on the front LED-display Event information both visually and in the SCADA system Easy to configure by a couple of clocks in SW

Measurement and regulation equipment and instruments - electricity and other energy
  • Feeder Monitor
  • fault current indicator
  • indicator

Product features

Recording the line switching faults Yes
Selictivity Phase-to-ground and short-circuit faults direction finding
Minimum zero sequence current for phase-to-ground fault logging 0.5 А
Fault visual indication − LED-display; − LED-indication
Number of memorized faults 240
Fault indication reset - By an external command; - By the timer; - By the device button
Interface RS-485 MODBUS communication protocol Ethernet IEC104 communication protoco
Logging of - Voltage; - Current; - Power; - Industrial frequency
Measurement accuracy - Voltage: - when using capacitive dividers - 3% - when using voltage transformer - 1%
Temperature Range standard from -50 ° С to +70 ° С

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