Lodestar FM-FL

Feeder Monitors


Now it is possible to detect simply the fault localization on overhead, cable and overhead cable power lines with the new universal device Lodestar FM-FL. Such ultra-compact device, mounted easily in the switchgear and control gear cell, monitors the network status constantly and determines the damage location with accuracy of 300 meters. Working in networks with any type of neutral, feeder monitor Lodestar FM-FL records any types of emergency situations on cable and overhead distribution lines: phase-to-phase short circuit fault phase-to-ground fault 2- and 3-phase ground short circuit fault indicates the direction of the damage place identifies arc intermittent ground faults determines the damaged phases and line fault For cells that are not equipped with their own current sensors, it is recommended to install Lodestar FM-FL with current sensors based on the Rogowski coil

Measurement and regulation equipment and instruments - electricity and other energy
  • ultra-compact device
  • control gear cell
  • phase-to-ground faults

Product features

For installation in substation in a switchgear and control gear cell of a voltage class 6-500 kV
Fault detection selectivity Detection of the direction of phase-to-ground fault
Minimum zero-sequence current for phase-to-ground fault registration 0.1 A
Network frequency 45 Hz to 65 Hz
Visual indication of the fault - LCD indicator - LED indication
The number of last faults stored in the internal memory 500
Fault Indication Reset - external command - by timer - button on the device
Additional features - change of settings using client software - Software Update - log of registered faults
Measurement accuracy - voltage 1% - current 1% - active, reactive and total power 3% - industrial frequency 1%
Fault localization accuracy ± 300 m
GPS time synchronization accuracy Not worse than 1 μs
Sampling frequency when recording of oscillograms 1 MHz
Fault observation time 0.1 ÷ 10 s
Preparing for reactivation no more than 10 s
Installation place in the switchgear and control gear cell, on the control panel
Sensors Connects: - current sensors based on the Rogowski coil DT PR-1
Temperature Range standard from -40 ° С to +70 ° С

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