Lodestar PT3

Short-Circuit and Earth Fault Indicators


Lodestar PT3 fault indicator is intended for detection of fault localization on overhead and cable power distribution lines of 6-35 kV. The indicator can operate in networks with insulated and resistance neutral. The device is mounted in switchgear and control gear cell on the control board. Lodestar PT3 abilities: phase-to-phase short-circuits and phase-to-ground faults recording with separation of fault types; damaged phase detection; transmission of information to dispatching and telemechanics system by means of adjustable relay outputs or RS-485 interface; saving up to the last 10 faults in the event log and time tag; fault indication by switching on one or several appropriate LEDs; the indicator is powered from DC or AC voltage source 220/110 V and 220 V respectively; standby power supply of LEDs (at the time of fault indication); control of standby battery charge level; changing of setpoints by DIP switch and client software.

Measurement and regulation equipment and instruments - electricity and other energy
  • detection of fault
  • indicator
  • phase-to-ground faults

Product features

Voltage class of overhead and cable power distribution lines 6-35 kV
Visual fault indication LEDs with high intensity brightness
Number of last faults stored in the internal memory 10
Fault Indication Reset by - the external command - timer - button on the Device
Communication RS-485 MODBUS protocol (in option)
Trigger control - visual - on MODBUS protocols (if the power supply is available) - relay output
Mean time between failures At least 110 000 hours
Additional features - changing of setpoints by DIP switch - RS-485 (in option)
Current threshold range (short-circuits) 200 ÷ 2000 A
Current threshold range (phase-to-ground fault) 10 ÷ 160 A
Fault observation time at phase-to-ground fault 60 ÷ 300 ms
Inrush current response time 0.02 s
Fault observation time at short-circuit 40 ÷ 300 ms
Preparing for reactivation no more than 30 s
Installation place in switchgear and control gear cell, on the control board
Sensors sensors based on Rogowski coil
Temperature range standard from -40° С to +50° С
International Protection Marking IP 65
Impact of mechanical factors M7 design according to IEC 721-3-3-87, design group N2 according to the requirements

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