Log Peeler CCP


The Log Peeler CCP fully automatically and hygienically removes the casing from lunch meat and cheese products. The machine can be put together individually. A clear distinction between grey zones and hygiene zones allows the product casing to remain in the grey area, which increases the safety of the peeled product. With continuous production, the buffer can be inserted both upstream and downstream of peeling. The flexible system permits simple and rapid conversion when changing calibers. Advantages Continuous production: buffering possible before and after the peeling process Casing remains in non-high risk area, increased safety for the peeled product Safe: constant control of the peeling process Optional hygiene kit Optional hygiene kit: UVC irradiation from underneath of conveyors in the product contact area UVC air disinfection within the peeling area

Food Industry - Machines & Equipment
  • peeling process
  • Peeler

Product features

Product length (mm) up to 1600 (optional 3200)
Output (product) 6 (depending on product length and shape)
Min. diameter (mm) 50
Max. diameter (mm) 165
Max. product height (mm) 50
Max. product width (mm) 165
Height (mm) 2087
Width (mm) 3400
Length (mm) 5440
Weight (kg) ca. 2000
Air pressure (bar) 6
Compressed air consumption (l/min) 50

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