Logistics and Warehouses - 2 warehouses, 14.000 pallet places



Hamann International Logistics has a distribution warehouse of 3,750 m² and a heated logistics warehouse of 5,750 m² with a capacity of 7,000 pallet locations (extendible within a short period of time) at its disposal. Pallets with a height of 2.2 m can be stored here. The warehouses are equipped with a sprinkler installation at pallet level and with 23 loading and unloading platforms (extendible within a short period of time). We also have a closed room for ADR- and high-value goods. We also have a second warehouse in Lokeren with 4000 pallet places. The following activities are possible in our warehouse: Kitting and de-kitting, Sorting Labelling Order picking Repackaging Foil-wrapping Palletization