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Long Term Storage Packaging

Protecting your valuable goods


The goal of export packaging is to ensure your valuable goods arrive at the end user, defect free and in factory condition. Storage packaging tends to focus more on the preservation of the product inside. The may be hermetically sealed foil bags to ensure the shelf life of the products. Or a tailor made solution that may involve VCI or Silica Gel products to guarantee good product condition for storage that can last years. There are many variables to take into consideration with storage. Often it isn’t just enough to trust a solution for months or even years in storage. Clients will want to continually monitor the contents along with the moisture and humidity levels that the packaging specification requires. Valdamark offer a market leading range of patented industrial films. Perfect for protecting goods from challenging conditions in the supply chain. Get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Aluminium foil for packing
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  • Corrosion protection

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