Longevit® is an original and modern product based on the latest scientific and technological findings on comfortable care and well-being. The product contains a combination of natural substances, extracts, minerals and vitamins, which promote longevity and quality aging. It helps in cleansing the body and neutralising the effects of external influences such as UV radiation, smoking, alcohol, stress, unhealthy diet or aging. It helps to improve physical and mental condition and increase resistance to illnesses. It also helps to fight cancer and helps the organism during burnout syndrome, exhaustion and stress. It contains ginseng extract, japanese Reischi mushrooms, concentrated extract of ginkgo biloba, Silybum marianum, soursop and rosemary. It is suitable for everyone who wants a longer and better life. It is intended for heavy workers, athletes, seniors, managers, people suffering from stress, impaired immunity or health problems.

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