For temporary buffering due to fluctuations in gas production or inoperable production systems or consumers, a storage of the produced biogas is required. ennox has developed the NOXstore gas holding system for the zero pressure or fluctuating pressure storage of biogas from the digester. The storage of the biogas/sewage gas is made in a cylindrical gas bag which is freely hung in a building or silo. The silo serves in this case as an effective supporting and protective construction. The storage systems are designed according to the latest governing international standards and regulations i.e., DWGW, WAV, DWA, SUWA, safety regulations for biogas systems. The gas bag is manufactured from a high quality polyester membrane (non-flammable, fungus repellant and methane/UV resistant) utilizing the most modern frequency welding techniques. ennox offers not only the design, construction and installation of the gas storage system, but also the subsequent ongoing inspection and...

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