Triton™ dilution refrigerator is our most versatile Cryofree® research tool for applications in quantum technology and condensed matter physics at temperatures < 10 mK. It is configurable with a wide range of superconducting magnets up to 16 Tesla, unique top and bottom sample-loading mechanism, signal wiring and optical windows to make it suitable for any ultra-low temperature measurement. - Robust and proven dilution unit technology used in more than 1000 installed wet and dry dilution refrigerators, - Integrated with our in-house manufactured superconducting magnets, - 3 years standard warranty which covers all supplied components, - Supported by our regional customer service teams based in the UK, Germany, USA, China, Japan and India. ** Click to request pricing **

Scientific research equipment
  • Cryofree dilution refrigeration systems
  • Dilution unit technology
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