Exfoliating regularly helps to keep your skin fresh and soft, and all-natural loofah sponge provides excellent, chemical-free, manual exfoliation. Loofah scrubbers originate as the natural fibers in gourds from the loofah cylindrical plant, and they can be quite stiff and abrasive when new. If you plan to exfoliate your face and body, you may want to use more than one sponge. Choose a smooth loofah -- one with finer fibers -- for your face and neck, and pick a coarse loofah for your body and feet. Loofahs are usually the color of pale straw, with a slightly herbaceous scent. They come in many shapes and sizes, we sell it as either cylinders or sliced discs and many other shapes. As well the Bath pouf… It is highly effective for exfoliation and administering shower gel to the various parts of body. Three types are available, Loofah, sisal, and natural plastic.

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