Luofucon Foam Dressing


Foam Patch is a highly absorbent foam patch composed of polyurethane foam and tame, as well as sodium polyacrylate. It has excellent absorption for wound exudates while maintaining the proper moisture in the wound, thus accelerating the healing process. It protects from bacteria and allows the wound to 'breathe', does not leave any residue when removed and it can ease the pain. It is used in venous ulcers, stage II-IV pressure ulcers, diabetic ulcers, postoperative incisions, etc. It can be retained over the wound up to seven days depending on the amount of wound exudates. It can also be used with a hydrogel patch for cleaning necrotic tissue, or with an alginate or collagen patch. It is available in adhesive or non-adhesive form in different sizes and shapes depending on the wound’s size. SIZEPCS/BOX 10 Χ 10 cm10 13 X 13 cm10 15 X 15 cm10 18 X 18 cm15 15 X 20 cm15 20 X 20 cm15 11Χ12,5εκ (heel)10

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