Luxury Kitchen – 6015

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Luxury kitchen manufactured from solid wood, made to order Luxury has a new name called ‘Luxury kitchen’ produced by the furniture factory “Evrica”. This luxury kitchen model will impress you by a very elegant and refined design, stylish vision and flawless completion of every detail. Attention has been paid to every detail in the manufacture of this luxury kitchen model from the broad boards to the decorative elements over the kitchen island. This luxury kitchen set contains cabinets for upper and lower arrangement, oval corner glass show cases, a kitchen island and kitchen broad boards. This luxury kitchen model isn’t offered with washing machine and a cooker but built in places have been planned. The kitchen island has cabinets and drawers included which will offer more space and freedom in the kitchen. Moreover, the model is very elegant and refined. No doubt, this luxury kitchen model is a model you will never be sick of.

  • Furniture for institutional kitchens
  • Kitchen Broad
  • Luxury Colours
  • Kitchen Model

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5300 Gabrovo - Bulgaria