Luxury Sofa – 5049


We are presenting to your attention a luxury sofa model which has been manufactured in accordance with all requirements for quality by the furniture factory “Evrica”. The luxury sofa is a part of a set consisting of a three seater, two seater sofa and an extending armchair. The luxury sofa model is a perfect choice to be used at home, but at the same time, it is a wonderful choice for every type of interiormodern or retro. It is also suitable for holiday resorts, flats and hotels where it will fit as a part of the interior of more luxurious places or in the parlour. A classic luxury sofa This luxury sofa model is also very suitable for sitting and relaxation. A fabric for the seat and backrest and leather for the base are possible to be combined when it is being manufactured. It is produced to be exported to Holland.

  • Luxury Sofa
  • Classic Sofa
  • Seat Backrest

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