M8 VERTIDRIVE Robotic Cargo Hold Cleaning Magnetic Crawler

The Safest & most Efficient solution for Cargo Holds Cleaning


Safety & Efficiency Assurance for Cargo Holds Cleaning that is the key to the Ship’s Profitability & Company's Safety Culture Taking the opportunity from the recent guidance provided by the UK P&I Club pertinent to universal fall in Cargo Hold. Work aloft in any circumstances requires careful planning and implementation of appropriate safety precautions taking into account the possibility of unexpected ship motion and the limitations of available equipment. In the case of hold cleaning, the crew are not expected to take unreasonable risks in complying with a commercial requirement of presenting clean holds in readiness to load the next cargo. With the M8 VERTIDRIVE Robotic Cargo Hold Cleaning Magnetic Crawler in place, a smooth transition into a new era of safe cargo hold cleaning is achieved building on the instantaneous benefits and the inherent efficiency of this fast-spreading method.

  • Cleaning and maintenance - equipment and supplies
  • cleaning
  • cargo hold
  • bulk carriers

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