The special feature of EtherCAT-P is the combination of superfast EtherCAT communication with the 24V power supply. Data and power (Us) for system and sensor supply with 24V and 3A are provided on a two-wire data pair. Flanges for direct PCB mounting: An extensive product range for device connection is available here, so that the user has many variable installation options. The continuous shielding from the flange housing to the circuit board is realised with a punched sheet metal plate. Moulded contact tongues form the radial connection to the flange housing, the connection to the printed circuit board is made by means of latching elements with subsequent soldering. The materials used are suitable for wave soldering. A special flange version is the version with moulded cable and a further plug on side B, preferably P-coded. Ideally, this can be used for wiring through a wall, e. g. a switch cabinet.

Connectors, electronic
  • Circular connectors
  • EtherCAT P
  • One cable solution

Product features

No. of poles 4-pos.
Configuration Panel mount connector, insulation body,
Current rating 4 A
Rated voltage 50 V AC / 60V DC
Connector size M8x1
Connector type Circular connectors

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