MAGIC IQ COAT - Multi-Purpose Functional Photo-catalytic Coating



Magic IQ Coat is a colorless, transparent neutral liquid coating. The product has wide-spectrum sterilizing effect and can effectively prevent cross-infection of bacteria and viruses and purify air. Our coating uses a most innovative totally GREEN Photo-catalytic Oxidation (PCO) chemistry to continuously kill all bacteria, viruses, and fungal spores and reduce VOC’s and odors. It also provides a self-cleaning hygienic surface that is effective indoors or out, and can now be economically applied to virtually any new or existing surface, including metals, glass, ceramics, plastics, fabrics, vinyl, and all other forms of textiles. Suggested Area of application includes: Hospitals • Veterinary Clinics • Schools • Locker Rooms • Hotel Rooms • Day Care Kitchens • Cruise Ships • Clinics • Fire Stations • Caterers • Detention Centers Assisted Living Facilities • Super Markets • Toilets • Fitness Centers • Nursing Homes • Public Restrooms • Ambulances One spray lasts 2 years!