Transparent adhesive joint © 2015 Transparent machine protection doors, consisting of three parts © 2015 Polycarbonate angle, cutted and cold bended © 2015 Applications and solutions: customized / custom made MAKROLON® / polycarbonate protective covers for machines with the highest visual requirements and non-warping design. HECKER produces customized MAKROLON® protective covers with the highest quality requirement, amongst others for the world market leader in the tobacco packing industry. The specifications are: Non-warping. Solved technically by the HECKER cold bending process up to extreme thickness of 12 mm Makrolon sheets up to 3000 mm long! Thermoforming. HECKER produces formed parts by means of modern hot-air oven technology for large forms up to 3000 x 2000 x 2000 mm with optically brilliant transparency. Makrolon® gluing & joining de luxe. The industrial standards is a non-transparent glewing with "bubbles". HECKER developed a revolutionary adhesive method that achieves nearly transparent joining for the highest visual and technical requirements with a very high joining strength. Absolutely first class Makrolon protective covers made by HECKER gluing technology are very successful in the world market. Are you interested in this HECKER production technology? Would you like to have a look at some applications and solutions of successful HECKER customers?

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