GENERAL DESCRIPTION MAKS 1300 is an aqueous blend of the neutralizing amines. PRINCIPAL USES MAKS 1300 is a neutralizing corrosion inhibitor designed for use in steam and complex condensate systems. MAKS 1300 can be used at steam pressures up to 160 bars and temperatures up to 4790C. REMARK: MAKS 1300 is in compliance with FDA regulations pertaining to boiler water additives. Maximum dosage in plants subject to FDA regulation does not to exceed 45 ppm in the steam. MAKS 1300 must not be used where the steam produced will contact milk or milk products. PRODUCT BENEFITS Neutralizes acid-forming gases like CO2 Provides corrosion protection in initial, middle and extended areas of condensate systems Reduces condensate system maintenance cost Minimizes boiler tube failures caused by corrosion product in returned condensate

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