MANTA 50/80 - Outdoor microwave barriers  - ATLINE SP.J.


MANTA is a digital microwave barrier for outdoor protection with range of 50 and 80 m and was designed in order to meet the following requirments: Security: Manta gives the same very high detection performance to residential applications, that is normally guaranteed by those devices adopted to protect high risk sites. Reliability: probability of false alarms is drastically reduced compared to the average thanks to the DSP (Digital Signal Processing) that functions by using special Fuzzy Logic Rules and keeps the probability of detection at maximum level. Adaptability: Thanks to the complete redesigning of the microwave antennas, that are now able to generate a high and narrow beam, to the small dimensions of the device itself and to the functional and attractive design, Manta is the ideal product for the protection of those residential sites where space is often restricted and the aesthetic impact has significant importance. Furthermore, the adjustable bracket allows the wiring to be completely hidden, making all the installation procedures easy and fast as well. Sabotage resistance: thanks to the 16 different modulation channels, to the masking control and to the self test, Manta is able to give an alert for any type of sabotage or tampering. Simplicity: the audio/visual system mounted on board, make the alignment, walk/test and evaluation procedures very easy, without any optional external tool. Frequency = From 9,2 to 10,6 GHz conform to CE, USA e Canadian standards. Range = 50 80 m Channels = 16 Power supply = 13,8Vdc Alarm output = 3 relays for alarm, tamper and fault Special alarm output = Protocol RS 485 RX+TX Temperature = -35 C/ +65 C Alignment = Incorporated Audio/Visual tool Electronical alignment check = It provides a mathematical evaluation of the alignment precision Manta is provided with an Rs485 serial port that gives, as well as direct alarm collection through a Serial/Fiber Optic bus, allows remote operations, such as: ...

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