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MANTIS-ULV spraying systems for the economical application of liquids ULV stands for Ultra Low Volume, meaning particularly small output quantities. The ULV metering technology, in conjunction with Mantis rotary atomisers, achieves an ideal narrow droplet spectrum of 35-45 um, ensuring optimum surface wetting. With the BL industrial atomiser from Mantis, it is possible to generate approx. 30 million droplets from 1 ml of liquid. The rotary atomiser works without pressure, and the spray pattern is created by means of centrifugal force and using a specially developed atomiser disc. The droplets are deposited evenly on the surface by means of the vertical air stream generated by the rotation disc and gravity. There are application areas in various branches like the concrete industry for the application of release agents the food industry e.g. for the application of release agents or flavouring substances

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MANKAR® ULV-Spraying Systems MANKAR® systems are professional spraying equipments for the effective, environmentally sound and still economically advantageous weed control with herbicides without water as well as herbicide mixtures. The base on the ULV technology (Ultra Low Volume) which optimally distributes a very low quantity of liquid preparation in small, uniform droplets. Thus the required quantity of herbicides is reduced significantly, e.g. for Roundup® UltraMax by up to 50 % on cultivated areas and up to 80 % on surface with irregular weed infestation. A lot of other advantages make MANKAR® sprayers a profitable investment for professional users. MANKAR® Carry – Hand-held units for the highest degree of flexibility The handheld MANKAR® sprayers are most suitable for use in cultivations which grow very densly and everywhere where maximum flexibility is required. MANKAR® Roll – Hand-pushed units for use in row cultivations and open space The MANKAR®-Roll sprayers are suitable f

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MAFEX® ULV-Spraying Sytems The MAFEX Potato and Fruit fine spray unit is based on ULV (Ultra Low Volume) technology, through which the required output volume can be reduced significantly. By means of centrifugal force using a specially developed rotation disc approx. 30 million droplets are generated from 1 ml of liquid. In this manner, an optimal effectiveness is achieved. There are two product groups of MAFEX®, which have been optimised for their particular area of application: MAFEX® Potato/Fruit – Treatment of potatoes and fruit In general, the MAFEX unit can be used to apply any liquid. Its most common usage is for the liquid treatment of potatoes with seed dressing agents, fungicides and anti-sprouting agents (e.g. Fungazil® 100 SL, GROSTOP ® Basis, NeoNet® Start, MonCut®, Magnate® 100 SL and Cuprozin® Liquid), as well as for the treatment of citrus and other fruits with various types of wax and fungicides. It is possible to apply water with MAFEX for dust binding. MAFEX® Sil

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Insecticide ULV sprayer Rofa The Rofa ULV sprayer is used for example for controlling insects in the stable Flies, cockroaches and mosquitoes are a major evil in stables because they are carriers of disease and bring unrest to the stall. They stress cattle, chickens and pigs, and thus disturb the success of breeding and fattening. With ROFA pests can be controlled effectively and efficiently. for the center of an infestation in a green house In case of fungal infestation or insect attacs in green houses the centers of infestation can be treated selectively with fungicides or insecticides. With use of insecticides and fungicides, the notes of the manufacturer must be observed. Your advantages saves money: lower insecticide use saves time: rapid output low weight, easy to operate versatile applicability Less use of insecticide For a 500 m² stall only 50 – 80 ml of preparation are necessary. From 1 ml of preparation, the high rotating speed of 12,000 rpm creates 45 million droplets, w

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Industrial applications – We develop special spraying systems known as the MANTIS-ULV® range for applying release agents in the concrete industry, for example, for customers from various industrial sectors. Weed control – Our MANKAR® product range provides the highest level of efficiency for professional use of herbicides. Our range of models includes handheld devices, machines which are pushed and can be fitted and attached to vehicles. Crop protection – Our MAFEX® product range for handling fluids used in crop protection and for applying liquid silage additives. Our products include: Conveyor belt spraying systems for lubricants, dosing devices, dosing quantity control systems, micro dosing systems for liquids, micro lubrication systems, spraying systems for oils and other liquids, spraying systems for dust control, spraying machines, spraying machines with a stainless steel valve, spraying machines for applying oils and cooling lubricants, industrial spraying systems.


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21502 Geesthacht - Germany


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