MAP Automation Platform

Modular automation platform with maximum flexibility.


With the “Modular Automation Platform” TAMPOPRINT presents an automation-platform, whose entities can be freely put together in building block concept. The base frame, available in two sizes, offers up to 16 positions, which easily can be assembled with pad print, laser, pre-treatment as well as post-treatment and surveillance units. Outfitted with large machine doors, it enables the operator absolute open access into the interior of the pad print automation. Furthermore added is the revolutionary re-thinking of the layout of the pad print unit. To simplify registration and reduce setup-times, the cliché unit is mounted outwards facing the operator. Cliché changes and replenishing the ink is accomplished within a few seconds

Automation - systems and equipment
  • Pad printing
  • Pad Printing Machine
  • Automation

Product features

Application Pad Printing
Application field Automation
Stations 4-12
Printed image size Ø 33, 85, 120 mm

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MAP - Modular Automation Platform

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