MAXI - 2/10 years

Games for collective leisure areas


Suitable for children from 2 to 10 years old, the MAXI range invites a wide range of physical and play activities for outdoor playgrounds in all communities. The MAXI range combines a carefully studied design with colourful panels that stimulate children in their search for play. It is composed of 1.20 m high platforms, modules such as slides, nets, climbing walls, tunnels, walkways, play panels and several inclusive modules. Its stainless steel structure and non-slip HPL floors (15 mm) are a guarantee of longevity and easy maintenance.

Equipment and fixtures for recreational facilities
  • Collective outdoor games
  • products for playgrounds
  • children's play areas

Product features

Posts Stainless steel box posts and/or hexagonal aluminium - thickness 4 mm
HPL panels Exterior quality - thickness 13 mm, anti-UV and anti-graffiti treatment
Screws Single diameter stainless steel screws (10 mm), anti-theft and anti-vandalism
Rope Net Reinforced 6 steel strands
Connections and lugs polyamide design QUALI-Cité®
Slide stainless steel or Starboard®.
Free fall height max 1,20 m

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