MB Cutter - caterpillar haul-off "BP"


The BP caterpillar haul-off is used to transport cables, hoses or profiles evenly and without deformation. Depending on the design, belt widths up to 200mm and line speeds up to 300 m/min are possible. Maschinenbau Bardowick GmbH (formerly DCM Maschinenbau GmbH Lüneburg) has been a leading manufacturer in the field of extrusion downstream equipment for decades. Customer-specific special solutions are developed and implemented by us. The advantages of the caterpillar BP Precise transport speed at both very fast and extremely slow speeds thanks to the latest generation of servo drives Very robust and durable High effectiveness with simple operation The caterpillar BP at a glance A transport system with highest quality The BP belt haul-off meets the requirements of your high quality demands in many ways. Perfectly matched components, which are also adapted to the specific process engineering requirements, ensure a high degree of synchronisation accuracy.

  • caterpillar haul-off

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