MB-SR50 | MB-SR50 HI | MB-SR50 EFEKT | MB-SR50 A | MB-SR50 EI | MB-SR50 IW Downloads Brochure MB-SR50 Świadectwo na wodoszczelność Świadectwo uderzeniowe The mullion-transom curtain wall Thanks to the rich offer of profiles, the architects and designers designing enginners may realize even the most bold concepts as regards the aluminium-glass structures. The system is intended for constructing and creating the light-weight curtain walls of hanging and filling type, as well as roofs, skylights and other structures. The shape of mullions and transoms allows building aesthetic facades with visible narrow dividing lines, ensuring the structure durability and resistance at the same time. Additionally, the profiles have rounded external edges, what gives the so-called soft-line effect. The large number of mullions and transoms available in this system guarantees the best possible aluminium use. The economic profiles were obtained by optimization of the intersection shape and by...

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