MDH Compound Masterbatch for ACP _ DHFR A2

MDH Compound Masterbatch for ACP _ DHFR A2


DHFR A2 is a non-toxic, flame-retardant compound for aluminum composite panels manufactured by uniformly dispersing and impregnating a high content inorganic flame retardant in polyolefin. It is a pellettype compound material that satisfies ‘Fire prevention – European classification of building products’ A2*(DIN 4102) & A2-s1**, d0*** (EN 13501) for Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP). *A2 = Non-Combustible (with combustible components to a minor extent) ** s1 = no/hardly any smoke production *** d0 = no drips/droplets DHFR A2 exhibits excellent flame retardant performance due to its high content of Mg(OH)₂(≥90Wt%) flame retardant and shows processability similar to LDPE due to a balanced combination of raw materials. Due to these characteristics, it is possible to easily produce A2 grade ACP without mechanical supplementation of existing semi-nonflammable (B1;‘difficult to ignite’) materials production facilities (Kneader, Single & Twin Extruder).

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Daeheung Advanced Materials
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South Korea

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