Heating Immersion Circulator for any bath tanks up to 50 liters JULABO Heating Immersion Circulators are available for various bath tanks up to a capacity of 50 litres and come equipped with a bath clamp that fits onto all tanks with a wall thickness up to 26 mm. This clamp allows fast and problem-free assembling for existing as well as new bath tanks. The immersion depth is 16.5 cm (adjustable down to 14.5 cm). The immersed parts are made of high-quality stainless steel or plastic.

Laboratory equipment and instruments
  • Heating Immersion Circulators

Product features

Working temperature range (°C) +20 ... +200
Temperature stability (°C) ±0.01
Heating capacity (kW) 2
Pump capacity flow pressure (bar) 0.23-0.45
Dimensions W x L x H (cm) 13 x 15 x 33

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