Mechanical measuring systems are additional equipment to the repair frames offered by our company, quite common in our country and enjoying a good reputation among the specialists of car-body repair workshops. The structure of these systems is made of aluminum profiles ensuring stiffness and lightness. The control measurement of the base points of the car body may be carried out before, during and after the repair. The mechanical measurement system consists of the lower measurement and the upper gate system cooperating with it. The lower system is based on the measuring frame and the upper measurement system cooperates with the lower frame by means of sliders. The upper and lower parts of the car body are measured in the x, y and z rectangular frames. The upper gate measurement device has been designed to measure the upper parts of the car body, the engine compartment and the trunk.

Measurement and control instruments
  • Measurement system
  • Upper measurement system
  • control measurement equiment for car
  • mechanical measurement system
  • upper gate system
  • lower system


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