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Metals and steel coating


"At given need our experts can invoke extensive subcontracting. Zinc plating: “Blue“ zinc plating, ""Silver iridescent zinc plating with thick layer passivation"", “Yellow-rainbow” zinc plating, “ Yellow-rainbow ” zinc plating free from Cr6+ compounds, Zinc plating with thick layer passivation, Black zinc plating, Zinc-iron, Zinc-nickel, Zinc plating before powder dyeing, Sealing Aluminum processing: Colourless anodizing; Colour anodizing, “Satin” anodizing, Chemical Oxidation (Chromating); Electrochemical polishing; Matte etching, pasivation Copper-Nickel-Chrome platings: Ecochrome, Copper + Nickel+ Chrome, Nickel + Chrome , Nickel (1-2 layers), Copper + Nickel, Copper, “Old copper”, Plastic chrome plating Preparation of surface before chrome plating Technical plating and supplemental processing: Tin plating, Galvanoplastics, Copper blackening.

  • Metal electroplating
  • electroplating
  • Electroplated in different ways

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