METAL MANUFACTURING COMPANIES - Metals and steel machining

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"From 2004 we are producing long lasting steel constructions of the great quality providing facilities for metalworking by CNC machines. We are following EN 1090-1,2 standards up to EXC 3 in producing metal constructions by clients order and by our concluded drawings. We are ever-expanding range of services. The team of specialists, ensures the quality of products and performance agility in small serial and serial production. At given need our experts can invoke extensive subcontracting. Construct by using 3D CAD design system SOLIDWORKS We are glad and proud of having longtime customers in construction, provision of telecommunications services, furniture manufacturing, shipbuilding companies, electronic components, non-standard equipment manufacturers sectors. Working with Lithuanian and foreign markets. More than a half of our production is exported to Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Germany. Also we are cherishing longtime partnership traditions with customers from Lithuania