Fragranced micellar emollient: while it degreases from road dirt and insects, its provides the car with water-repellent protection. Its “micellar” technology enriched with polymers: Delicately removes traffic film dirt and grease without damaging aluminium and rubber. The product creates a thick and full-bodied lather suited to foam systems. Repair and self-drying effect. Has an amazing water-repellent effect when rinsing, thus reducing drying time of the car and facilitating the following phases. Makes the car much shinier and smoothens out the micro scratches on the surface. Minimises residues on the bodywork caused by hard water, thus reducing the onset on droplets. Has balanced foam properties so that it does not block the purification systems. No added NTA/EDTA/PHOSPHORUS/SODIUM HYDROXIDE*. It contains surfactants of plant origin.

Vehicle maintenance products
  • Fragranced micellar emollient
  • micellar emollient
  • micellar
  • water-repellent protection
  • self-drying effect

Product features

pump 10-30 pump flow pulses 12 l/h consumption for a 10-30 ml cycle
Dosatron injector 0.8-2.5%.
Pre-wash sprayer 1:40
Sprayer rims 1:5.
Sprayer insects 1:10.
Foam nozzle from pure to 1:6 (166 ml – pure)

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