MI-COMP Disconnector

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This compact indoor disconnector is designed by EME for MV applications where there is a special need for compact, solid and high endurance isolators. The MI-COMP is characterized by: Robust welded frame of punched bended steel, with a specific anti-corrosion coating. Compact contacts and blades in silverplated electrolytic cupper. High short-circuit withstand. Very compact thanks to special design of active parts. High endurance of contacts is assured by multiple inserts, up to 50.000 close-open cycles. Mechanical endurance class M2 (= min. 10.000 C-O) Epoxy resin insulators and drive rods in epoxy resin reinforced with fiberglass. Standard execution is 3-pole: also available in 1- or multiple pole version. On demand: mounting possible in each position. On demand: High Endurance (=HE) execution (>50.000 C-O) Below you'll find the different executions and accessories of the MI-COMP family:High Endurance MI-COMP with a higher lifetime of 50.000 - 250.000 C-O cycles, depending on the co

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3380 Glabbeek - Belgium