Energy source and coolant system — the MICO-S is a complete system in a single housing. This enables a flexible integration of induction heating into any production process. The devices are available in a medium frequency and a high frequency version. The specialists at eldec are using the MICO-S generators for the induction heating and hardening of components with a very flexible process. The key factor is the innovative design concept of placing the generator itself and the cooling system in a single housing. As a result, the unit takes up very little space and is quick to set up. The unit weighs a mere 390 kg and is easy to move around. It has openings in the base plate to allow for pick-up with a forklift, as well as crane hooks. As a result, users benefit from an extremely efficient and flexible energy source for induction heating and hardening.

Induction heating systems
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  • Energy sources
  • induction heating

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