Micro injection molding Large series mass production is standard at starlim//sterner’s. Component weight goes down to 10 mg. Silicone components with a weight of below 10 mg are subjected to other physical laws. This is why starlim//sterner defines such products as "micro molding" parts. General definition of micro-injection molding The term comprises today 3 classes of components: Micro injection parts with micro structured areas (CD, "plastic-wafer", ... ) Micro injection parts or micro molded parts weighing a few milligrams (micro housings, watch hands, ...). Micro shaped components with tolerances and minimum dimensions in the µ range (gear wheels for watches, …). Range of starlim//sterner micro-injection molded parts Micro-silicone components below 10 mg with very precise undercuts and depressions Single and multi-component injection moldings Parts removal via Handling-Robot Optical monitoring of quality during processing Orientated parts depositing Optional: all activities are c