An incredibly fine and soft lambskin with short, fine, tight wool that is incomparably soft. This is the Rolls Royce of lambskins. Each piece is unique. The shape, thickness and colour can vary slightly from classic off-white to shades of beige or grey-brown that gives these skins a natural and wild look that you will not be able to resist. Perfect for the crib, the pram, on top of your baby mattress or even as a bedside rug. Length: between 70 and 80 cms. Available in two different types of tanning procedures: - RELUGAN Tanning Procedure: The Relugan Tanning Procedure is an environmentally friendly procedure and involves no addition of chrome or other toxic substances. Lambskins tanned using this procedure take on a beautiful golden hue. It is also called medical tanning as it renders your lambskin washable (in the event of an accident) at 30 C either by hand or in a machine on a wool programme using a special wool detergent. - TARA Tanning Procedure : The Tara Tanning...

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