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Mil B 131 Barrier Material


The tough construction of this aluminium foil gives it the edge over thinner commercial grades. The combination of complementary materials in this laminate result in a barrier that is able to resist chemical and physical stresses. The tear and breaking strength is the highest in our range. Still it retains the very low water vapour transmission rate of 0.3g/m2 per 24 hours. This is one of a list of impressive characteristics seen on the data sheet of this material. The high performance nature of this export packaging extends to the inclusion of Valcross® in the laminate. This gives optimal strength whilst retaining excellent flexibility. This barrier foil is available in several different widths supplied in a 200mtr log packaging roll. The user can cut to the desired dimensions allowing the component to be heat sealed and vacuum packed for for it’s journey. Using MIL PRF 131 Barrier Foil This type of Aluminium foil is ideal for use in heavy machinery transport/storage projects.

Aluminium foil for packing
  • Military packaging
  • packaging for export
  • mil prf 131

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