MIXACO Container Mixer Multitool™

MIXACO Container Mixer MT: perfect mixer for temperature-sensitive bulk material


The MIXACO container mixer Multitool™ is ideal for the careful mixing of temperature-sensitive materials. An innovative mixing concept with new tools and a special process enables mixing without temperature increase. The MIXACO Multitool™ is a container mixer with numerous benefits for internal logistics and production workflows, as it can be seamlessly integrated in work processes. All Benefits at a Glance * Minimal product heating * Optimum homogenization * Adjustable comminution rate * No fusion or adhesion of material * Reduced cleaning time * User-friendly, ergonomically optimized cleaning in preconfigured cleaning position * Material transport in mixing container for greater logistical efficiency * High flexibility * Wide range of tool and motor combinations enable use in many different mixing tasks * Low energy consumption

Building materials, manufacture - machinery and equipment
  • batch mixer
  • masterbatch mixer
  • powder mixer

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The perfect mixer for temperature-sensitive powder premixes.

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