MIXACO Double Cone Mixer

MIXACO Double Cone Mixer: a tumbling mixer for easy remixing


By means of the moveable container with the mixed material, container with separate trolley, will be positioned in the tumbling mixer. The moveable container will be lifted by a pneumatic stamp. The trolley will be fixed in the tumbling mixer by means of a pneumatically actuated draw-in device. The head of the tumbling mixer formed as a container, fixed on the mixing head with four pneumatically operated clamping jaws including forklift pockets and discharge valve. The lifted container is locked to the tumbling head by means of pneumatically actuated locks. After fixing of the container at the tumbling head a SPS controlled tumbling process starts.

Plastics - machines and material for industry
  • Double cone mixer
  • blender
  • Post Blender

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MIXACO Double Cone Mixer DCM 1300

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