MIXACO Laboratory Mixer HM LAB

The MIXACO Laboratory Mixer HM LAB is a modular laboratory mixer.


MIXACO Laboratory Mixer HM LAB: The 4-in-1 Heating Mixer for the Laboratory Mix & heat 5 to 20 liters fully automatically: The HM LAB modular laboratory mixer from MIXACO is the latest innovation for use in your laboratory. The wide range of applications and easy handling make it the most flexible mixer solution for your lab. It is a highly standardized all-in-one solution and revolutionizes the entire laboratory work. * fully automated processes * interchangeable vessels in 4 sizes * for demanding mixing applications * heating with full temperature control * quick couplings for compressed air, temperature control fluids, electrical systems * cloud monitoring via the innovative MIXACO Control Center

Plastics - machines and material for industry
  • PVC Laboratory Mixer
  • WPC Laboratory Mixer
  • SPC Laboratory Mixer

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