MIXACO Universal Mixer Horizontal Revolution

MIXACO Revolution™ is mixing system that functions without active mixing tools.


Gentle Mixing Without Tools MIXACO Revolution™ is mixing system that functions without tools. Gentle mixing of materials during rotation of the container is achieved with built-in mixing segments. This technology without driven mixing tools prevents additional thermal stress for the product. All Benefits at a Glance •Gentle homogenization •No inadvertent warming of mixing materials •No abrasion of granulates •Double-walled mixing vessel allows temperature-controlled mixing •Energy-efficient through low drive power consumption •100% discharge by pivoting to discharging position •Good accessibility for fast, easy cleaning •Tool-free design makes maintenance easy •Suitable for ATEX applications (up to Zone 20 without inertization of protective gases)

Chemical industry - machinery and equipment
  • Plastics mixer
  • Homogenizer
  • blender

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MIXACO mixing equipment for rubbers, plastics, polymers, pigments, masterbatches

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