GENERAL FEATURES · Stainless steel chassis construction · Gastronomy 2/1 fitch roll-in rack dimension allows cooking for the 20 pieces GN 1/1 trays · Highly efficient gas heating system (NG&LPG) · Double-glazed removable door system allows to clean it by the user · Cooking cycle start with door closing · The flue outlet is controllable · The bottom section contains oil collection chamber · Water connection allow to cooking foods with humidity · Functional automatic cooking programs with humidification · Safety thermostat provides safety · Interior design provides ease of cleaning · Cross-placed lighting lamps provide clear visibility for foods · User-friendly command interface · Height adjustable feet · Requirements for international safety standards · Burners and fans system is manufactured in EU

Restaurant equipment
  • convection oven
  • professional gas ovens for commercial use
  • machines and equipment for hotels, catering and public premises

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