M-Line Microfree

The coating for germless surfaces
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The coating for germless surfaces Germs and bacteria are the matrix for infections. They increase in appropriate conditions at speed and will be passed on unwittingly from one to the other. Everybody tries to shelter from infections and diseases. M-Line Microfree works wherever germs live and can be passed on! - Tables - Handholds - Handrails in buses and trains - Furniture - Tools and all the other surfaces we touch with our hands every day. Dirt accumulates on all these surfaces, and even if it is present in small quantities, invisible to the naked eye, it represents an energy source for the growth and spread of the bacteria. These are spread by touch, so they can invade our organism and cause serious problems there. Advantages M-Line Microfree not only fights bacteria, but also acts against a variety of other different pests, such as fungi, viruses or algae. Human hands are the largest bacterial carrier and this is where the advantage of an antimicrobial coating’s...

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