MMC 5000 - Ultraprecision milling machine

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In the basic version the MMC 5000 consists of a main X-axis featuring a linear air bearing (feed axis), a linear roller bearing Z-axis (infeed axis) and the milling spindle (air bearing) mounted on top of the Z-axis. The main application is face milling of optical and mechanical precision components. A Y-axis is available as an option. Another useful accessory is a second milling spindle, used perpendicular to the first one, thus allowing for the machining of two sides of a workpiece to perpendicularity in one setup. Accessories, like vacuum chucks, different milling spindles, touch probes for part thickness measurement, machine interferometers and other sensors for insitu measurement of workpiece shape and roughness, make the MMC 5000 machines an effective tool. In addition, various sensors are available for measuring of the workpiece geometry and surface quality during the manufacturing process.

Product information

max. travel range
5000 mm