MODULE ONE Pad Printing Machine Series

Individually configurable efficient pad printing machine series


The ergonomic guiding idea for the MODULE ONE series was to develop a machine that is easy to operate and whose processes are immediately visually apparent. In addition, it should be simple, safe, and user-friendly. The MODULE ONE series consists of 4 different models: MODULE ONE M and MODULE ONE S are semi-automated machines. MODULE ONE XS and MODULE ONE XXS are manual workstation solutions. Pad printing machines of the HERMETIC, SEALED INK CUP and V-DUO series are available for placement of the MODULE ONE series. With the MODULE ONE series, up to 1200 parts/h can be printed with up to two or three colors in high precision. With a print image in up to three colors, the series is suitable for decorating and labeling a wide variety of printed goods such as toys, figures, model vehicles, etc., but also for marking technical devices and components.

Automation - systems and equipment
  • Pad printing
  • Pad Printing Machine
  • Semi-automatic system

Product features

Application Pad Printing
Application field Manual workstation, Semi-automation
Number of colors 1-2
Print modules Series HERMETIC, SEALED INK CUP, V-DUO (optionally)

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