MOSO® panel hanger


The MOSO® panel hanger is building inspection authority approved. It consists of an top, midsection and fitting component. Several variants of the top are available depending on the structural situation. The standard top FB HO1 is frontally fixed on the face on the in-situ concrete. Attica FB HO1A is for fixing on the ceiling. If one fixing point is not sufficient there are twin tops for each variant FB HO2 and FB HO2A. The fitting FB HE was developed for narrow precast concrete parts. For low load levels and large concrete cores, MOSO® CE anchor channel are an affordable alternative to the fitting FB-HE.

Stainless steels
  • Façade fixings
  • Fastening systems
  • panel hanger

Product features

Load grades 6.0 - 70.0 kN
Material approved stainless steel
Validation static calculation

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