Ultrasonic punching and sealing systems


This ultrasonic punching and sealing system MPW (Modular Punch Welding) can punch and seal membranes in one production step. Solutions for manual work stations and automation integrations. This modular MPW weld system with an operating frequency of 35 kHz can punch and seal simultaneously in one production step. This makes the use of expensive pre-cut membranes unnecessary. This production unit is especially suitable for the processing of membranes, which are welded into plastic components as pressure balancing elements (PBE). The MPW combines four automated single functions: punching of the membrane from the tape, fixing by vacuum and feeding, sealing with ultrasonics and further cycling of the tape. The product line can be flexibly integrated into automation lines or supplied as a manual work station.

Ultrasound systems - Processing plastics
  • ultrasonic welding

Product features

operating frequency 35 kHz
Machine cycle time 1.5 s
Product variants 4

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