FLAG: GREECE DWT 45908 MTS ON 12,02 M DRAFT BUILT 4/1999 SHIN KURUSHIMA, JAPAN CLASS: NK SS:11/4/2019, DD: 11/4/2019 LOA: 179,88 M BREADTH 32,23 M TANKS: 14 @ 50758 CBM PUMPS: 4X1000 EPOXY COATED HEATING COILS CBT: NO, SBT: YES, COW: NO, IGS: YES ME: MITSUBISHI 6UEC60LA BHP: 12601/110RPM GENERATORS: 3 X 720 KW Vessel is trading MED with DPP and expected to discharge east med

Tanker transport - industrial and petroleum liquids
  • oil tankers
  • product tankers
  • tankers for sale
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